Walker Graham Architects is a relatively fresh, young practice with nevertheless 30+ years’ combined experience. Our partners’ extensive portfolio encompasses residential, commercial, conservation, listed building and ecclesiastical projects and our training means we can create practical buildings, for real people to live and work in, which also comply with the wider aims of urban design, regeneration and sustainability. We have offices in York and Banbury and cover much of the UK.

Walker Graham Architects aim to ease the planning process for your rural conversion, bespoke home, commercial build or housing development with high quality drawings and a truly personal service. Often efficient, always effective – we never cut corners.

In our experience, what people really want their architect to be is effective. Yes, you want us to look after your pennies, but not at the expense of your dream house turning into your ‘it’ll-have-to-do’ house. The many clients we design for like the fact that their innovative new residential or commercial buildings live up to expectations. And all our clients – including the many housing developers we work with – appreciate our high quality drawings that speed their passage through the planning process.